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Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns - PREFACE (audio book)

November 24, 2020 Gene Hsu Season 3 Episode 2
China Myth Podcast
Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns - PREFACE (audio book)
Show Notes
I decided that I need to get very personal in writing my upcoming book, Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns (working title).

The context of my encounters and the nuances of my perceptions are what will fuel your imagination and enable you to "think different" because you cannot reimagine your misperceptions within the context of those you collaborate with in China without first doing so.

So I decided to begin your journey into China by first getting to know me, your guide, raw and personal, with as much flavor, texture, and color as possible.


From the time I was old enough to imagine who I was and who I wanted to be, I always felt I was caught between two worlds.

I even wrote a song entitled "Between Two Worlds" more than twenty years ago that was probably more about girls than anything else at the time.

The song begins...

Sometimes it seems forever
for things to come to form
Waiting for and not breaking through
and unsure what to do

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