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Mastering Art of War Psychological for Playing the China Game

July 08, 2023 Gene Hsu
China Myth Podcast
Mastering Art of War Psychological for Playing the China Game
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RSVP for Weekly Speak, Learn, Practice, Master (SLPM) Chinese Language & Cultural Interactive Meetups

Beginning July 19, 2023 at 10:00am PST

"You must be more open-minded and flexible to succeed in China" (Free RSVP)

I'm sure you've heard this advice before? 

It may be good advice, but it is vague and nonsensical because these suggestions cannot be quantified or qualified in the proper cultural context.

  • vague 费话 fèihuà (to talk at length / to waste one's breath)
  • nonsensical 废话 fèihuà (nonsense / rubbish / superfluous words / gently sarcastic = No kidding!)

These words are catchphrases that allow failure to have an excuse rather than being a prescription for elevating performance. 

So I'll be hosting weekly Zoom interactive workshops for the rest of 2023.

  • Practice key Chinese phrases in the proper cultural context
  • Role play essential Guanxi rituals with real-time feedback
  • Discover critical psychological factors at play in the Chinese arena
  • Master perception management with Chinese counterparts

RSVP once and you'll be invited to each weekly session for the rest of 2023, receive a free copy of The Chinese Honeymoon Period, and receive early access to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA manuscript.

  • 10:00am PST bi-weekly sessions starting on July 19, 2023
  • 7:00pm PST bi-weekly sessions starting on July 26, 2023

Demonstrating flexibility and open-mindedness in China is challenging due to cultural differences and inadequate translations, so this interactive event is a must for anyone that wants to be perceived more positively by all Chinese stakeholders.

Learn the psychological rules of reciprocity and how to craft a persona that leads and inspires in China.

"A cultural dichotomy is just a contrast that lacks curiosity." (Free RSVP)

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