China Myth Podcast

Chinese Art of War NEGOTIATIONS Primer

March 16, 2023 Gene Hsu
China Myth Podcast
Chinese Art of War NEGOTIATIONS Primer
Show Notes

March 8, 2023 HIGHLIGHT REELS - Knowledge is POWER.

Suppose you boil down what Sun Tzu teaches in the Art of War (顺子兵法 Shùnzi bīngfǎ). It comes down to understanding how your competitors think, how they are likely to behave, and exercising tactics based on the increasing likelihood of influencing them to your advantage.

Success in the Chinese arena begins with AWARENESS (意识 yìshí) and then developing tactics and counter-tactics (方法 | 技巧 fāngfǎ | jìqiǎo) for their conscious and subconscious tendencies during negotiations.

Most of the role playing and interactive portions have been removed to highlight the concepts covered during the first portion of this experience.


  1. Curiosity Exercise 
  2. Chinese Phrases Warm-Up 
  3. Guanxi Engine Introduction 
  4. Cultural Dichotomy Business Primer 
  5. Art of War Negotiation Tactics 

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