China Myth Podcast

The Chinese Guanxi Engine EXPLAINED

March 14, 2023 Gene Hsu
China Myth Podcast
The Chinese Guanxi Engine EXPLAINED
Show Notes

March 8, 2023 HIGHLIGHT REELS - Guanxi (关系) is exceptionally difficult to translate because its application in the Chinese cultural context is dynamic, emotional, and nuanced depending on the “relationship,” often misrepresented as its translation. 

Grammatically, Guanxi is a noun, but it resolves a situation as an adjective and an explanation like an adverb, as its level is the overarching factor influencing behaviors. Hence, we simplify its understanding with a metaphor, the GUANXI ENGINE, which is the driving force for all interactions in China.

Most of the role playing and interactive portions have been removed to highlight the concepts covered during the first portion of this experience.


  1. Curiosity Exercise 
  2. Chinese Phrases Warm-Up 
  3. Guanxi Engine Introduction 
  4. Cultural Dichotomy Business Primer 
  5. Art of War Negotiation Tactics 

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