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Chinese “Face-saving Offramp” (台阶下) = Choosing Outcomes Over Ego!

August 01, 2022 Gene Hsu Season 8 Episode 7
China Myth Podcast
Chinese “Face-saving Offramp” (台阶下) = Choosing Outcomes Over Ego!
Show Notes

Practical Definition: 台阶下 Táijiēxià are the expressed words and gestures that allow someone to preserve their Face after a mistake and excuse, regardless of their intentions or shortcomings.

 Mindset for China business:

  • Allowing someone to Preserve FACE goes beyond giving someone a benefit-of-the-doubt
  • FACE is only preserved when turning a ‘blind eye’ (睁一只眼闭一只眼) to something that’s otherwise inexcusable

English-Chinese translations in the proper cultural context:

  • 表达 (biǎodá) “convey” | 表示 (biǎoshì) ATTITUDE to show “goodwill” 
  • 借口 (jièkǒu) ”excuse” | 狡辩 (jiǎobiàn) MINDSET to “deflect blame with dishonest story” 
  • 让 (ràng) “to permit” | 放过 (fàngguò) “let it pass” | 无所谓 (wúsuǒwèi) ATTITUDE of indifference

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