China Myth Podcast

Chinese TRUST (信任 xìnrèn) & TRUTH-DEFAULT Strategic Cultural Analysis

April 28, 2022 Gene Hsu Season 8 Episode 3
China Myth Podcast
Chinese TRUST (信任 xìnrèn) & TRUTH-DEFAULT Strategic Cultural Analysis
Show Notes

REPLAY of April 27, 2022 中英文关系练习会 Chinese-English GUANXI Exercise Sessions Meetup

  • 00:00 Communicating with your Chinese Partners YouTube #Shorts
  • 03:29 Practice Chinese Culture Introduction
  • 03:56 Warm-up (Chinese Introduction Rituals)
  • 07:12 Self Introduction Strategies for Deepening Guanxi
  • 14:19 Psychological considerations for managing perceptions in China
  • 20:10 TRUST (信任 xìnrèn) & TRUTH-DEFAULT Chinese cultural context overview
  • 22:32 TRUST (信任 xìnrèn) Chinese translation analysis
  • 27:37 TRUST (信任 xìnrèn) Tactical cultural analysis

 NOTE: Attendee participation was be removed for privacy reasons. Empathy Exercises discussion was not included to shortened the length of this content.


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